Melissa Botello is the author of
Adventures of Prince Domar  
Discovering His Powers 


Adventures of Prince Domar
is a heartwarming and humorous tale about a 7 year old boy, who like most second graders, wants to pass a math test at school. On the path of preparing for his test, Domar
learns he has special powers. He soon discovers these powers are fueled by his ability to set goals, work hard and think positively.  Domar is amazed at what happens on test day and can’t wait to teach the positive powers to others.


Botello writes:

Prince Domar has proven to be a unique and extraordinary boy. His entire life his parents have told him he is extraordinary and can do anything he sets his mind to. One day Prince Domar’s parents tried to explain his uniqueness. The Queen explained in a deliberate, softened voice that caused the Prince to listen intently, “Son, you are extraordinary and gifted and hold very special powers.” Prince Domar’s whopper brown eyes grew so large and appeared with such intent that the whites of his eyes could hardly be seen. He sat in silence for a moment trying to understand what his mother just told him.”

The illustrations in the Adventures of Prince Domar are done by Lauren Pfannenstiel. She has done an amazing job at bringing the characters to life.

By combining important life lessons with a tale of adventure and happy endings, Adventure of Prince Domar appeals to parents, teachers and children alike.
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